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The Calls Warehouse Spend Cap 

Spend Caps Give You Total Control Over Your Monthly Bill 

Everything you need to know about Spend Caps.

Please be aware all our services are inclusive monthly subscriptions, meaning most services not listed within the tariff description would be restricted (E.g. roaming data and international calls outside of inclusive tariff). You will, however, be able to Roam Like at Home if this is included in your selected package.

What's a Spend Cap and why have one?

A Spend Cap gives you total control over your monthly bill. This amount is automatically set at £40* from the date of activation. Your Spend Cap limit is the amount you can spend above your monthly plan price and data limit on unrestricted chargeable services. That means things like calls to 0845, premium numbers and competition lines. If these services are used, your invoice will fluctuate upto the £40 Spend Cap amount above your monthly subscription rate. Spend caps will automatically refresh on 1st of each month.

How will I know if I have hit my Spend Cap?

When you hit your Spend Cap limit, you will be notified by text message and The Calls Warehouse will suspend all services on your account, including your inclusive calls texts and data. Please be aware, once all services are restricted due to the spend cap being hit, services will remain restricted until 1st of the following month when your spend cap will refresh and restrictions will be removed.

*Unless otherwise agreed

Activate Your SIM Card And Choose Your Spend Cap Today! 

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