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Spend Caps Give You Total Control Over Your Monthly Bill

Spend Caps Give You Total Control Over Your Monthly Bill 

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The Calls Warehouse Spend Cap 

Everything you need to know about Spend Caps.


What's a Spend Cap and why have one?

A Spend Cap gives you total control over your monthly bill. Your Spend Cap limit is the amount you are willing to spend above your monthly plan price and data limit on chargeable services. That means things like calls to 0845, 0844 numbers and any charges that may apply whilst using your phone or data services abroad. This includes making international calls outside of inclusive services in your selected package.

It’s a flexible amount, and you can set it from as little as £0 and up in increments of £10 up to £30 from the moment you sign up.

What happens if I set my Spend Cap at £0

If you have set your Spend Cap at £0 you will have full access to all calls, texts, data and any international roaming calls/data (if these are included within your selected package).

You won’t have access to any chargeable services outside your package allowance. This includes:

  • Non-geographic numbers

  • MMS

  • Calls, texts and data, once allowances have been used up.

  • International calls/data

  • Directory enquiry services


You will, however, be able to Roam Like at Home if this is included in your selected package.


How do I pay for my Spend Cap?

This is an optional add on, that if chosen would be taken as one off deposit at the point of activation, on top of your standard activation charge. The deposit will then remain on your account until the account is closed. If the accounts closed, after your final invoice, this deposit would be refunded to you as long as any monies outstanding are paid in full.

If your SIM Card was activated before 21st April 2023 your Spend Cap has been automatically set at a charge between £5 - £25 unless requested otherwise. Any new customers activating SIM Cards from 21st April 2023 will have the opportunity to select their Spend Cap.

What if I want to change my Spend Cap in the future?

You are able to upgrade your Spend Cap once your SIM Card is active by contacting the mobile team on 0800 470 0144 or emailing You will be asked to pay the one off deposit at the point of the upgrade. All changes to Spend Caps will be active on 1st of the next calendar month for active SIM Cards.

You can downgrade your to a £0 Spend Cap once your SIM Card is active by contacting the mobile team on 0800 470 0144 or emailing Any previous deposit taken can be used as a credit on your account towards your next calendar invoice as long as your SIM card is still active with The Calls Warehouse. No refunds will be provided. 

How will I know if I have hit my Spend Cap?

When you hit your Spend Cap limit, you will be notified by text message and The Calls Warehouse will suspend any services you’d normally pay extra for, such as, picture messages, calls, texts, data or international calls when you've exceeded your monthly allowance. Your Spend Cap limit will refresh and start again on the 1st of each month. You’ll still be able to use any calls, texts and data included in your plan.

Can I still use my SIM Card once I hit my Spend Cap?

You’ll still be able to use any calls, texts and data included in your plan. Only chargeable service will be restricted once your Spend Cap limit is reached.


Are Bolt Ons included?

Bolt-ons are not included as part of your Spend Cap. These will be charged separately on your account.

You can add a bolt-on at any time of the month for things such as extra data, texts or minutes, even if you have no Spend Cap remaining. Contact the mobile team on 0800 470 0144 or emailing to discuss this further.

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