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Cheaper business phone bills

Great service with fantastic deals to suit your budget. No matter how big or small your business is we guarantee to save you money on your business phone bills.

Here at The Calls Warehouse we have confidence in our simple, clear service with highly competitive prices. We guarantee to be cheaper than BT on our core business landlines. It’s more than likely you are currently paying a whopping 12p connection fee and 10p per minute for your calls. With our business phone line packages you will pay as little as a penny a minute and you may not even have to pay a connection fee.

Our deals don’t have any small print or hidden costs, so there will be no nasty shock when you open your business phone bill. We just provide clear, honest business phone line packages that could potentially save you hundreds of pounds a year on your business phone bills. Why pay more than you need to?

We know what you’re thinking – cheap prices usually means cheap products and service? This is not the case with us, the service, products and solutions that we provide are all of the highest level – ask any of our current customers.

We have over 50 years’ experience in the industry and we continue to work with entrepreneurs, small and medium size businesses from across the UK to give them the best deals and save them money on their business phone bills on a monthly basis. For so many of our customers we have more than halved their business phone bills since switching to us - take a look at our testimonial pages to see for yourself.

Here at The Calls Warehouse we believe you should never spend a penny more than you need to.

We like to make sure our offers are the best for our customers, so we get to know our customers and their business and give them the best tailored deal to suit their needs. We are also flexible with our approach and make sure your services grow when your business does. We know how dynamic and quick moving the business world can be, so we want to make your life easier and make sure our products and services work alongside your business and grow and change when the business does.

Our offer is simple, switch your phone line provider to The Calls Warehouse with one simple phone call and save your business money – we will do all the rest. Our simple and fuss free approach is a tried and tested method that businesses love.

Give our dedicated team a call today to see how much money we can save your business.

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What clients say

  • We are very happy since we switched to The Calls Warehouse - They have saved us lots of money and have excellent customer services.
  • ‘Since switching to The calls Warehouse I’ve had nothing but great customer services and savings on my calls.’
  • ‘We’ve had great service since we moved to The Calls Warehouse. The staff are always very friendly and helpful.’
  • I’ve found The Calls Warehouse to be very competitive, very efficient and their customer services very helpful!
  • We can’t believe the savings since we started using The Calls Warehouse
  • All I can say is that I’ve never dealt with more helpful people in the 40 years I’ve been in business- you can’t ask for better
  • With easy to understand bills, great prices and customer services based in the UK that you can get hold of I have everything I need from a telecoms company
  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • We are very pleased that we changed to The Calls Warehouse, we are very happy with the service and we have found it cheaper than being with BT

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