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1.     Contact Details
Should you, for any reason, wish to contact us in relation to this code, please contact our compliance manager who is responsible for ensuring that this code is complied with (

The direct line to our compliance officer is 0800 470 0144.

The full address is
The Calls Warehouse, 13th Floor, City Tower Plaza, New York Street, Manchester, M1 4BT

We are open Monday to Friday 9am -5pm


  1. Sales, Marketing, Advertising & Promotion

This code shall apply to all instances where The Calls Warehouse is involved in the sale or marketing of their Fixed Line Telecommunication Services to business customers. Regardless of the way in which our sales and marketing activities are conducted we will act responsibly and compliantly. It is acknowledged that some customers may not wish to be approached in some instances. The Calls Warehouse undertakes to respect the wishes of its customers and not to approach potential customers that have registered with any Preference Services. In addition, although The Calls Warehouse rarely engages in direct advertising, any promotional literature, including our website, will at all times use clear and unambiguous language. Furthermore The Calls Warehouse are committed to ensuring that any such material will be fair and will contain no misleading or false information. It will contain accurate information relating to price, value and service, and will not denigrate other providers.

  1. Staff Recruitment & Sales Training

In recruiting sales staff The Calls Warehouse recruits all its staff on the basis that the employees are representatives of the company and the initial contact that its customers will receive. The Calls Warehouse will not tolerate any behaviour from any of our employees which brings the good name of The Calls Warehouse into disrepute. Should any criminal convictions be
highlighted during the employees selection process, the nature of these will be taken into account when deciding whether or not to offer employment.
All successful applicants complete training courses to ensure:

< >A complete and accurate understanding of The Calls Warehouse Fixed Line Telecommunication package.Awareness of the courteous behaviour and integrity expected of them at all times.Awareness of the code of practice and its contents, and their responsibility to comply with the code at all times.Awareness of GC24 and other relevant regulations.The complete awareness that mis-selling, misrepresentations, and disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated andThat any allegations made will be fully investigated in line with the company’s code of conduct and its internal disciplinary procedures.; or by telephoning 0800 470 0144

Before offering employment all our employees are fully checked; proof of identity, e.g. drivers licence, passport and if appropriate visa status. Each applicant must also provide proof of National Insurance Number.

The Calls Warehouse conducts regular audits/assessments of all employees and continuously monitors their performance.

Each sales representative is trained to an exceptionally high standard and before they are allowed to engage with customers they attend an intensive training course, at the end of which their knowledge will be examined. Any person who falls below the high standard demanded by us is not allowed access to customers. Furthermore, our sales staff are provided with a sufficient understanding of our business to be able to properly inform the customer of the services offered and prevent them misleading customers in any way. Using role-play scenarios, we positively discourage misleading selling. Whilst part of the remuneration of our sales staff is generated on a ‘payment by results’ basis, the construction of the pay plan is such that they would not be paid for contracts that are subsequently found to have been achieved using exploitative or misleading sales practices.


4.     Customer Contact

The Calls Warehouse does not make telephone calls to customers outside the hours of 8.00am to 8.00pm, unless at the customer’s request.
If we call you, we will let you know who we are at the beginning of the call and we will also let you know why we are calling.
The Calls Warehouse takes pride in its good reputation and expects its staff:

< >To be factual and accurate.To be courteous and professional at all times.Not to misrepresent any services offered by The Calls Warehouse or other service providers.To be aware of and comply with its sales and marketing code of practice.To be able to explain the products and services provided by The Calls Warehouse.ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT -INFORMATION, ORDER FORMS & CONTRACTS


It is the customer’s responsibility to review the contract and its terms and conditions, and ask questions regarding any aspects of which they are unclear, prior to the services transferring which is the point at which the contract begins.

The below features appear clearly on the contract:

< >Company contact details, including its postal address, telephone number, and website address.Minimum period of supply. Features of Service, including charges for local and national calls. Payment terms.Termination procedures and fees, which may be

Outside of this period any cancellation requests will be will be referred to the terms and conditions of The Calls Warehouse.

  1. Audits
    As part of our continuing commitment to provide an efficient service, all contracts will be audited prior to processing. They will be checked for errors and to ensure that the contract was properly entered into. Additionally regular audits of systems, procedures and documentation will be carried out. If errors are identified, both parties have the right to make good the mistakes or cancel the account.


  1. Complaints Procedure

The Calls Warehouse has in place a structured complaints procedure for customers who wish to make a complaint in relation to any of our services.

Step 1

In the first instance, any complaint should be made to our customer services department, who will make all reasonable endeavours to resolve the complaint made. This can be done by contacting us on our freephone number 0800 470 0144 or by emailing us at Complaints can also be sent in writing to Customer Services, The Calls Warehouse, 13th Floor, City Tower Plaza, New York Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 4BT


Step 2

If you are unhappy with the resolution that our customer services department have offered you can ask for it to be escalated. This can be done by contacting us on our freephone number 0800 470 0144 or by emailing us at Complaints can also be sent in writing to The Escalations Team, The Calls Warehouse, 13th Floor, City Tower Plaza, New York Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 4BT


Step 3

Any unresolved complaints will be transferred to the Customer Resolution Department, a member of this team will aim to contact you within 48 hours.

From here a detailed investigation of the complaint will be conducted. This could include detailed factfinding discussions with the customer to document the course of events that led to the complaint being raised. We may also request documented evidence from the customer or third parties to assist with the investigation. We aim to have this investigation and a resolution within 2 weeks. Our Customer Resolution Department can be contacted on our freephone number 0800 470 0144 or by emailing us at


Step 4

If you are unhappy with the outcome of the investigation by the Customer Resolution Department, you should write to the Customer Resolution Manager who will review your account and aim to provide a satisfactory resolution.


Step 5

If you consider we have not been able to resolve your complaint satisfactorily, or 8 weeks has elapsed since your initial complaint, or you have received a letter from us saying that we have now exhausted our internal complaints procedure, you may make a complaint to Ombudsman Services: Communications, of which The Calls Warehouse is a member company. Ombudsman Services: Communications is an independent alternative dispute resolution scheme, whose contact details are as follows:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730
0330 440 1614 (phone)
0330 440 1615 (fax)
0330 440 1600 (textphone)

The phone lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am until 5pm

7.     Feedback
At The Calls Warehouse we always strive to make improvements wherever possible. To achieve this we always welcome feedback from potential and existing customers. Please address any feedback to –
The Calls Warehouse, 13th Floor, City Tower Plaza, New York Street, Manchester, Greater Manchester M1 4BT

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  • We are very happy since we switched to The Calls Warehouse - They have saved us lots of money and have excellent customer services.
  • ‘Since switching to The calls Warehouse I’ve had nothing but great customer services and savings on my calls.’
  • ‘We’ve had great service since we moved to The Calls Warehouse. The staff are always very friendly and helpful.’
  • I’ve found The Calls Warehouse to be very competitive, very efficient and their customer services very helpful!
  • We can’t believe the savings since we started using The Calls Warehouse
  • All I can say is that I’ve never dealt with more helpful people in the 40 years I’ve been in business- you can’t ask for better
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  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • We are very pleased that we changed to The Calls Warehouse, we are very happy with the service and we have found it cheaper than being with BT

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