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Got Your Call

0.79p a day + 0.49per minute

Never miss a call

Your own call center for £0.79 a day + £0.49/minute

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for unlimited Broadband offers

Save £££'s Vs BT

Up to 80Mb download speed & 20Mb upload speed

Get your trial now!

30 day no obligation trial!

As business telephone providers we're confident you’ll love our business phone package and won’t want to move anywhere else.

That's why we offer a 30 day no-obligation trial. No contract. No hassle.

Just cheap business phone calls.


Join our revolution

Cheaper phone calls for your business

Join thousands of other British businesses who have made the swap from BT to The Calls Warehouse.

It's quick, easy and you'll feel a whole lot better knowing your business phone bills will be cheaper.


What we do

UK based call centre

We’ll ensure you get rock bottom prices on the cost of each phone call you make.

We buy our calls in bulk and pass the savings on to you. You may still keep your BT line rental – and your calls will be cheaper than BT's Retail standard rates.




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Business phone line providers

We provide business line rental for thousands of businesses across the UK in a wide variety of sectors…and we’d love to do the same for you.

Join thousands of other businesses just like yours who have made instant savings by switching their business telephone provider from BT as well as their phone calls package to The Calls Warehouse.

We’ll help you save money on your phone calls and your business line rental instantly.

Don’t take our word for it … read what some of our customers are saying.

The Calls Warehouse provides a better deal for British businesses and our massive range of phone line packages and best business phone deals means you can be sure your telecoms aren’t costing you an arm and a leg.

First class customer service – delivered in Great Britain

Our specially trained staff are always on hand to offer you an outstanding business line rental package which will be backed with first class customer service. All our staff are based in the UK and we don’t outsource any of our customer service abroad.

In fact, you’re welcome to pop along to our offices anytime for a cuppa with your account manager.

All our business phone line rental deals are guaranteed to be backed up with our legendary, personal customer service direct from our head office in Manchester.

You’ll be assigned a personal account manager immediately so you can start making savings instantly. We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and promise to always be helpful when you call us.

Cheaper business line rental

Why pay more for your business phone package and business phone lines when you can get rock-bottom rates and top quality customer service with The Calls Warehouse?

If you run a business, large or small, in the UK we will actively work with you on a daily basis to help you reduce the size of your average business phone bill.

It doesn’t matter how many phone calls you make because we will work harder than anyone else to drive the cost of these calls down so that you can spend more money on growing your business and winning new clients and customers. 

Our business phone line rental is always routed over the BT Network and Openreach maintains and services any lines you have with us. Our bulk buying of airtime means that you get the best deal that suits your business.

Sign up now

If you’re looking for cheaper phone calls for your business, thinking about switching your business line provider to The Calls Warehouse or simply want a better class of customer service then join the revolutionsign up with The Calls Warehouse now!

Business Line Rental FAQ

We know that it can be quite tricky to understand business line rental deals. We’ve done our best to summarise the main queries people have.

Is it free to transfer our business phone line to you?

We charge nothing to transfer your business line rental. Zero. Zilch.

Is it time-consuming to change business telephone providers?

No. We can do this instantly meaning that you can take advantage of cheaper calls right away.

Do I keep my existing number when I change my business telephone provider?

YES! This is the most common question we are asked. You will keep your existing phone numbers – whether you switch business phone line rental provider or phone call package to us. It’s a completely hassle-free process.

Who maintains the business line?

The lines are still maintained by BT Openreach – so there will be no difference in the quality of the line or its availability.

As a minimum – all our business phone line rental and call packages include:

Low call rates and cheap tariffs

CALL US NOW on 0161 212 7373 TO GET A


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What clients say

  • We are very pleased that we changed to The Calls Warehouse, we are very happy with the service and we have found it cheaper than being with BT
  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • We are delighted with the service that we have received, so much quicker, easier and complication free. So much better than grappling with previous telecom providers.
  • With easy to understand bills, great prices and customer services based in the UK that you can get hold of I have everything I need from a telecoms company
  • All I can say is that I’ve never dealt with more helpful people in the 40 years I’ve been in business- you can’t ask for better
  • We can’t believe the savings since we started using The Calls Warehouse
  • I’ve found The Calls Warehouse to be very competitive, very efficient and their customer services very helpful!
  • ‘We’ve had great service since we moved to The Calls Warehouse. The staff are always very friendly and helpful.’
  • ‘Since switching to The calls Warehouse I’ve had nothing but great customer services and savings on my calls.’
  • We are very happy since we switched to The Calls Warehouse - They have saved us lots of money and have excellent customer services.

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