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The UK’s telephone network is changing

As an established telecoms provider for homes and businesses across the UK, The Calls Warehouse in Manchester can help you with a range of services, from VOIP installations to broadband packages. And we can also guide you through the big switch off so that your telecommunication systems are maintained throughout. Get in touch to discuss.

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What is the Big Switch Off?

Our century-old phone system of copper wires and analogue signals is approaching the end of its life. It’s no longer as efficient as it used to be. And given how often it fails and how difficult it is to source replacement components, Openreach – the maintenance company that keeps this system working – has decided that it’s time to say goodbye to it once and for all. By the end of 2025, everyone will need to move to a digital line to retain the use of their landline and other related services. Whether it affects your home, your business or both, you don’t want to get left behind. That’s where we come in at The Calls Warehouse.

To make sure that any switchover is smooth and seamless, you need the help of a telecoms provider who can keep you apprised of any changes, provide you with solutions and help you put those solutions into action. That’s what our team at The Calls Warehouse can provide. You’ll have a dedicated account manager who can talk through the changes that are coming and the actions you need to take to help mitigate the consequences. Contact us today and we’ll start forming a plan together that can put any switch-off worries to bed.

But why The Calls Warehouse?

Because it’s what we specialise in. We provide fixes to telecoms problems for clients all over the UK, whether it’s anything from line rental to the installation of fibre optic cabling. Our goal is always to help you source the right telecommunication products for you and the needs of your home or business. It’s a first-class service that’s not only competitively priced but also backed by an experienced team who know the industry inside out. And we’re fully regulated by Ofcom for your peace of mind.

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  • What happens if my business closes down?
    Don't worry we have you covered. We know that times are difficult at the minute for businesses and have written into our T&Cs that if you cease to trade, we will not hold you to contract. Providing you provide us with 3rd party proof that your business has closed and paid for the services you have used. We will allow you to leave the contract without penalty.
  • How long does it take to install SOGEA/FTTP Broadband?
    The install can be completed in as little as 30 minutes dependant on the infrastructure.
  • What if I move premises?
    Don`t worry, if you move premises please inform your personal account manager as soon as possible and providing the Next Generation products are available at your new address we will arrange a new installation (if required)
  • What if my employees work from home?
    We appreciate that remote working is becoming more and more routine within the workforce. Don't worry we have so many options available from VoIP telephony, VoIP apps, free installations and free routers (limited time offer) to O2 & Vodafone Unlimited SIM cards.
  • Is there any downtime?
  • Can I wait until nearer the switch off date?
    The decision is completely yours. Openreach's Big Switch Off is scheduled to be completed by 2025. However, some exchanges are scheduled to be switched off earlier. Our advice is to switch as soon as the Next Generation products are available to you. We make this recommendation for several reasons, firstly there are 16 million lines that need to be ported to digital technology and there are not 16 million engineers to install the infrastructure needed. Our BIG concern is that exchanges will get switched off before everyone has upgraded, leaving Businesses and Home Owners without a landline, the best broadband and they could even lose their existing telephone number. The Next Generation products are better technology and generally work out cheaper, as Line rental charges are no longer needed. We also have some fantastic offers available with free installation (normally £100-£149), free routers and 50% discounts on selected products for the first 6 months (limited time offer). Why would you not want to change ?
  • What happens when I go into Stop-Sell?
    This is a term used by Openreach to signify stopping the sale of certain products. Customers can continue using their current product until they are withdrawn, but will be unable to add any copper based products or move suppliers unless they upgrade to a non-copper Next Generation product. Once the exchange is 70% FTTP enabled that exchange will be switched off.
  • Can I keep my existing telephone number?
    Providing your existing telephone number is ported to the cloud before your exchange is switched off, then yes, you will keep the same number.
  • Why has my provider not told me?
    We hear this all the time and also "I will wait until my provider informs me" The only explanation we can offer is that the old fashioned copper based products are more profitable to telecoms companies as you still have to pay Line Rental. As demand increases and The Big Switch Off becomes more advertised, prices will inflate. Why stay loyal to your current provider, when you could move to a provider that will put you before profit.
  • Why are your prices so good?
    At The Calls Warehouse we believe in looking after the small - medium businesses that tend to get overlooked by the big telecoms companies. We buy all our products at wholesale cost and do very little advertising. Our business is based on word of mouth and customer service. Therefore, we can keep our prices as low as possible without negating from the quality of your product.
  • I'm unsure if I'm in Contract
    Most customers are unsure when their actual contract ends. When you make an application with us, this will trigger a losing notification from your current provider, who must contact you using durable means explaining how long you have left on your contract and what the early termination fees are. At this point you would contact us and we will either help you towards the early termination fee (up to £250 maximum) or leave the services as they are and contact you nearer the end date. We can also offer SIM only deals for your mobile phone from as little as £8.50 per month (for the first 3 months) with Unlimited Minutes, Texts and Data and don't forget we do broker for business Gas & Electric, being able to lock prices in up to 12 months prior to your current contract end date.
  • What is Back Up Broadband?
    If you are still in contract with your current provider for Broadband and have been in the contract for less than 12 months, we are finding customers are taking advantage of our Next Generation Broadband Launch promotion and having a secondary broadband to use as a backup. For less than £1 a day with a free installation and a free router. So if your ADSL/FTTC broadband starts to drop or run slow, you just switch Routers and your up and running almost immediately with little disruption to your broadband services.
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