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Our energy brokers can help you find the right deal for you

We live in unprecedented times when it comes to our energy bills and the need to be cautious and yet proactive when it comes to our specific needs, whether as a small, medium or large business owner, has rarely been so important. If you need help securing the right energy deal, The Calls Warehouse in Manchester can provide it, wherever you’re based in the UK.

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Business energy price crisis – what is happening and why?

Anyone who's watched the news in the past 6-12 months will know that wholesale energy prices are rising at a phenomenal pace. Supply chain issues are causing gas shortages and small energy suppliers are going bust, causing a crisis in the UK’s energy market.

Rising energy bills are a particular issue for small businesses, who often get less than ideal energy deals than bigger companies. Small businesses are seeing increasing energy bills as a barrier to growth, with more than 50% of businesses seeing their annual spend increasing by £3000.

The lack of a long-term price cap on business energy means that suppliers can increase their out of contract rates by as much as they deem necessary to cover their increased costs once the cap expires. This has seen out of contract rates rise by an average of 100% since August 2021

This means any business that lets a fixed rate deal expire without arranging a new one could see huge price hikes even though they're using no more energy than before.

The only way to protect against these rate rises is to switch to a new business energy deal. This is an issue that will affect all businesses, including small corner shops, garages and salons. Every business needs energy to keep running, and business owners can only set aside a certain amount of money to cover these costs, regardless of how much they're using each month. A 100% increase on the cost of energy could close a small business.

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Finding the best deal for your business energy requirements can take a considerable amount of time and effort: searching online, phoning providers, reviewing quotes and so on. It can be a minefield! So let us do it for you …

The Calls Warehouse – what we can do for you

At The Calls Warehouse, we don’t have a preferred supplier. We are completely led by YOU! If you want the cheapest supplier, a specific supplier, the greenest supplier - that is what we will deliver. We can even lock in today's prices, if you have up to 12 months remaining on your current contract.

For example: if you have a contract with Scottish Power that ends in July 2023, then we can quote you the prices for July 2022 with any supplier and lock these in. You will continue in your current contract until July 2023, then the contract that you secured 12 months earlier will kick in - meaning you would miss the anticipated price increase in October 2022.

We can also generally beat your renewal prices - what have you got to lose?

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Why use The Calls Warehouse?

Our focus is to look after the smaller businesses that tend to get forgotten and don't have separate departments within their organisations - or even the time - to look into new energy or telecoms deals. Our aim is to help secure your business’s future by offering help, advice and the best prices available, thereby giving you the time to focus on running your business.

We are real people, with real values, who give you real answers and solutions.

Give us a call on 0800 470 0144. Alternatively, if you don’t have time to chat, please complete the form below and we will email you the best quotes we can find to suit your needs. We also offer fantastic deals on VoIP telecoms, full fibre broadband and SIM only deals, so please check out our offers on the website.

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We're 4.7/5 on Google from over 300 reviews!!

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We have dealt with the Calls Warehouse since September 2018 and we have always found them to be helpful, friendly, polite and efficient. We would have no hesitation in recommending them.

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Get the best energy deal for you and your property with The Calls Warehouse. Call now on

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